Why would Life need to become Enlightened?

Obtaining enlightenment is a story that the conceptual “I” hopes will relieve its apparent suffering… but what “it” doesn’t realize is the very belief in the separate sense of an “I” that needs anything to be free IS THE PROBLEM. You are WHOLENESS already… pretending that wholeness is incomplete and needs anything is what causes suffering. There is no one here doing anything… Life does/is all. It’s all LIFE… What could be separate from ALL that is?

–Michael Jeffreys

One Response

  1. …always causing me to wonder why many of those who “teach” spirituality don’t either convey, or get this.
    But then I frequently wonder if when I don’t understand something, if it’s just that I am the one who hasn’t “gotten” it yet. Then I remember that it doesn’t matter. 🙂

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