It simply IS


The mistake practically all of us are making is we are seeking happiness/satisfaction outside of ourselves. Why? Because we don’t feel it inside. Why don’t we feel it inside? Because true peace and happiness is NOT a feeling. Feelings come and go. What has never changed or moved or aged or had a problem with anything… ever?

Hint: It’s looking out your eyes right now!! There is zero you need to do EXCEPT notice the already alive presence that is effortlessly aware of your current experience. It has nothing to do with thoughts because all thoughts are seen by this aware presence. It is timeless. It is closer than close. It simply IS.

–Michael Jeffreys

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  1. Even though there is so much hate and evil in the universe, life is a beautiful thing because all that is alive that does wrong knowingly has the option to do what is right and the fact that the option in general is always present gives hope to all creation making life a present in general and therefore pain and suffering become something like ladders surrounded by darkness but through strong will this energy transforms through tools of hope that can be used to build a better future which is allowed to exist at the same time as the past and present, and that’s all that life is, a gift, the present moment that realization comes into place. I would appreciate it if you could respond by email but if not I will look here for a comment.

  2. Did you have a specific question Natalie?

  3. Is it simply the fact of being aware of being aware, now?

  4. Yes Jack, except there is no one here to even know that! There is only life liffing as this moment, however it appears.

    • Hi again Micheal.
      When you say ‘there is no one here to even know that’, I assume you’re talking about the imagined person ‘we’ create from the thoughts that appear across awareness…now. But not simple awareness itself, because awareness is always aware…now?
      Oh, and is there access anymore to all those quotes…..there were really good!! Thanks.

  5. Jack, I just posted this comment on my “about page” for a few people that asked about the quotes as well:

    Sorry guys, but unfortunately my old website is gone and thus so are the 400+ quotes. However, there is a lot of “meat” in the Blogs I am posting these days, and so hopefully some of the pointers will “land” for you. Meaning that the aliveness that you already fully are will become apparent to you. That you are not your thoughts or your body. Even to say that you are Awareness is too much. You simply are…and this moment is all that’s happening, exactly as it’s happening… to no “one”! 🙂

    Much Love,

    • Thanks Micheal, That really hits home! 🙂

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