A Lamborghini by any other Name

Have you noticed that LIFE never labels itself or calls itself anything? Look at a tree and nowhere on it will you see it referring to itself as a “tree.” “Tree” is a mental label the mind “puts” onto that tall brown and green shape!!

Look around and see if you can notice how your mind slaps a label onto everything you see (it happens so fast, most of the time we are not even aware of it).

Notice also that no object in life is claiming that it has any significance… again it’s the mind’s projection that makes something “valuable.” For example, I saw a red Lamborghini driving down Montana Ave. today in Santa Monica (was there to buy some yummy fresh cold pressed green juice–liquid gold in a bottle! :), and I noticed the car didn’t say, “Look at me, I’m a 200 k sports car!” In fact, it wasn’t saying anything! It was just being what it was… the thought that, “wow, that’s a brand new 200 K Lamborghini was a 100% mental thought projection onto the image of the car.” Seeing this clearly can be quite liberating!

Final thought: It can be helpful on the “pathless path” to remember that nothing in LIFE claims to be anything… only the mind does this.

-Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. Would a child look at a lanborgini?
    The answer is no.
    This is a sign of truth.

  2. Thank you Michael, so true. And the mind seeks control of our authentic curiosity by finding a label and attaching to the thought “I know what this is now”. To know the essence of something is to suspend the desire to label or even to understand.

    Russell H

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