Fear is an Illusion

There is NO bottle sticking out of this truck!

Fear is an Illusion. Why? Because fear = the unknown. But if you are truly nakedly honest in this moment, you know that you don’t know anything or, said another way, every moment is unknown. And if every moment is authentically experienced as completely and magnificently unknown, than where is fear then?

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. A question from facebook regarding this post:

Yami: “Hi Michael, I must be missing something here… If fear=the unknown, and every moment is unknown, then fear also=the moment?!, that can’t be, could it?. I thought the way to avoid fear is to be in the moment, which is timelss and the only known (compared to future?!). What am I missing here?”

Michael: “If ALL is unknown Yami, than fear becomes an empty word. Just like if everything was BLACK, the word black would have no meaning. Just drop ALL concepts and relax into the timeless peace that you are when you let go of all thoughts. Don’t THINK about doing this, just Do it (thank you Nike!). Effortless BEing reveals the inherent Freedom that you have always been at center, but was forgotten due to conditioning.”

Yami: “That helps. Thank you Michael.”

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