Speaking YOUR Truth

“Silence is the main characteristic of being present in the same way that noise is the main characteristic of the thought stream.” –Robert Rabbin

Myself and Jim Dreaver spent today with author/mystic/spiritual teacher Robert Rabbin in his Hollywood, CA apt. Robert was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and given 4-6 months to live… that was 3 months ago.

The 3 of us, all “non-duality” teachers (which doesn’t mean anything except that we dwell in presence and acceptance of what is, rather than thoughts) shared (around a pot of green tea, organic walnuts and almonds, and cold pressed Green kale/spinach veggie juice) about many interesting topics for 5 straight hours! Things such as Robert’s 10 years with Muktananda at his ashram in India; Is it important to set “intentions” in life?; What kind’s of treatments is Robert undergoing; How we all love teaching and speaking from our hearts, etc. Also, both Jim and Robert shared about their experiences being with Jean Klein, who was Jim’s teacher.

But the most important thing I learned from Robert was what it means to live authentically. To speak your truth, however you see it, without any fear or concern about what someone else may think. The key to this is that you are NOT speaking to be right, only to share your truth. There is a difference… if I get defensive that means I am defending something which means that I have taken a position. However, if I am just sharing my truth as I see it (who else?), then what’s to defend?

-Michael Jeffreys

3 Responses

  1. Very good! Thank you!

  2. […] Just a few minutes past noon on Friday, 16 March, Michael Jeffreys and Jim Dreaver, two authors and spiritual teachers, dropped by for what turned out to be a five-hour visit. You can see them on this You Tube clip, and read a summary of the day’s conversation highlights on Michael’s blog. […]

  3. “The key to this is that you are NOT speaking to be right, only to share your truth. There is a difference”
    Thank you – Very good.

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