Gratitude and the Death of a Coffee Mug

A few minutes ago: After washing out my absolute favorite coffee mug which I have had for years, I went back into my bedroom…. and a few minutes later I hear a loud “CRASH!!” come from the kitchen.

My body got up and went into the kitchen to investigate the source and I discovered that the cup had changed form! It had slipped off of the drying rack somehow and was now in lots of separate pieces on the floor!! My reaction in the moment was, “Oh, I had no idea it was time for the coffee cup to move on. I am so grateful for all the years that it allowed me to pour coffee in it and drink from it. Such a blessing!” And I swept up the pieces to move them to the dumpster.

There was no arguing with reality. Why make it into a problem? Acceptance means not resisting Life. Everything IS as it IS. Seeing this clearly fills the heart with loving gratitude for everything that Life continuously gives you every moment.

-Michael Jeffreys


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful post Michael. I recently gave up my drivers license, upon moving to Rhode Island. While at the dmv, the clerk made it seem as I would fret such a thing. Rather, I smiled and thanked her for the new license. I smiled wider reminiscent of my innumerable sunset cruises on PCH. I smiled yet again, musing over new excersions about route 1A, and Ocean drive. Enjoy it all.

  2. I laughed when I read this Michael. I posted something similar on facebook yesterday morning. It’s obviously time for an upgrade!!!!

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