Always NOW



NOW is all there is because it’s the ONLY thing that IS.

Trying to figure out “the NOW” is exactly what is “taking you out” of it (although that’s not true either, as the NOW is all there ever is so how can you get out of it!?).

What a thought is trying to do is hand you a concept, a conclusion in this eternal now moment. But the moment we try to “analyze” (think about, cogitate on, reflect upon, worry about, fixate on, resist, ruminate over, micro-manage, etc.) the NOW, it is already over! Gone! Never to be seen from again… eva! 🙂

So, you can never “know” the NOW… you can only EXPERIENCE it. (If I had a highlighter here, I would highlight that last sentence!!)

Since the NOW is one eternal dancing stream, it can NEVER be paused! And so in order to think, you MUST lose yourself in thought. And so your NOW moment looks like that thought! It’s still NOW, but its now (haha) colored by that thought you jumped hard on! (haha… 😉

It’s actually pretty ingenious if you you think about it… oh wait, don’t do that! Just kidding. Thoughts are fine when they are clearly seen not to be “you,” i.e.,  there’s no sense of self invested in them. You simply come fully to rest in the home you never left… always right here, right now, ceaselessly.

-Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. Awesome!
    That gave me a lot to think about… Oops.. I mean I thought it was great! Hold on… When contemplating on what you wrote… Dang! Try again…
    The way I see things is exactly how they will show up for me now.
    thought I was losing my mind!
    Wait… Dohhhhhhh!!!!!
    Good stuff.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautifully written, Michael! Thank you!

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