Look around you. Nothing you are looking at has any meaning whatsoever. None. All objects are “neutral.” Any meaning is “put” there by your mind. Superimposed onto the object and that’s what gives that object whatever meaning it has for you. Something that has great meaning for you means nothing to someone else and vice/versa. This lets you know that the meaning is not contained within the object itself, but within the one viewing it. If it were truly within the object itself, everyone that came upon that object would feel the exact same way about it. But that isn’t what happens. Each of us doesn’t see that object “naked,” but rather through our “meaning” filters.

What would your experience be of the world if you stopped putting meaning on anyone or anything? Rather than let your mind try to guess at the answer, what if you actually tried it to have a direct experience of what it actually felt like?

–Michael Jeffreys

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  1. Very effective the way you use the photo with this particular concept, since that symbol is so evocative for so many different people. When “I” try to have a direct experience of what you suggest, there is a fear in me that if I were to succeed in emptying myself of meaning (or story), that I would become dead and emotionally lifeless. I would be stuck in neutral.

  2. This is so True. Our mind wants to breaking every aspect of experience into pieces and categorise everything. In the end when we look, we don’t really see what we are looking at, but the mental concept or label that we have attached to it.

  3. Reblogged this on Seeing The Truth and commented:
    I like this post from Michael Jeffreys – he is pointing towards the same Truth that I am writing about.

  4. Your writing is beautiful, the content is very informative and the pictures are touching. My sister and I write a bog on positivity. We feel we have found spirituality through our degrees in sociology and the instincts we had that moved us towards deciphering life. We now recognise to decipher is to think too much and it is blogs such as this which reaffirm the way to understand life-is to live- to be still, to be silent, to embrace the world minus its constructions and preconceptions. We are content, at one with ourselves and the world and therefore we can only ever be happy. At 23, we have yet to find any one in our circle who shares this way of life. Materialism and desire have eroded the natural gifts of love and harmony-and along the way the true state of man has been lost to a world of consumerism and ideology. We therefore opted to write a blog to inspire and open the minds of those around us without being too centred upon spirituality (as we have found our friends, peers and social network have a tendency to shy away if we mention-the ‘hippy’ nature-as they refer to it). It is blogs such as your however which open our minds, further reaffirms our thoughts and allows me, personally, to breath and feel refreshed with the knowledge of life and the simplicity of understanding. I therefore wanted to thank you for you writing. I will be returning to your blog for inspiration, I am sure, and I may draw upon your pieces in my writing ( will certainly make reference to your words however-as you deserve such credit. I hope to read future post, kindest regards. Zara.

    • Thank you Zara for you kind words, they are much appreciated!

      So happy when I hear, see, read about young people getting involved in spirituality and wanting to know their authentic divine essence as opposed to the more common practice of looking for happiness in objects/other people.

      And yes, people’s programming can often cause them to react to anything spiritual. This is where dropping all the fancy words and just speaking from the heart pays dividends!

      btw, a young man from Amsterdam named Bentinho Massaro has a spiritual forum called “Free-Awareness” that is very loving and supportive, and helps people have a direct experience of the spacious awareness that we all are at center. It’s free to join if you feel moved to check it out:
      Much Love,

  5. There is only One Viewer and only One Meaning…
    The Love that we are.

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