The Fire Chief and The Arsonist are one in the same

The mind is constantly creating a problem and then trying to solve it. It suddenly proclaims it wants something and then decides it cannot be happy until it gets it. Or it suddenly proclaims it doesn’t want something and then decides it cannot be happy until it’s gotten rid of.

So the mind is both cop and thief, i.e. the arsonist and fire chief are the same person: it starts a fire and then says, “look, a fire!, omg, we have a problem, what are we going to do??!” Suffering occurs because we believe the cop, the fire chief, the mind. It never occurs to us that our mind would lie to us, just like we would never suspect the fire chief of starting a fire. And so many of us live in denial that our mind is lying to us. It takes courage to realize that that which we have been believing in our whole life hasn’t a clue what the truth is. When this childish game that the mind has been playing is clearly seen, there can be a letting go of it completely. And when the mind is dropped, what remains?

–Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. Reminds me of the old Pogo cartoon – “we have met the enemy and he is us”. It is really like a good mystery where the cop turns out to be the murderer. Once the culprit is clearly seen, however, he is not immediately arrested–at least for me–he must be caught in the act many more times before the Mind is finally exposed for the fraud that it is. But when it is seen–and there is no remaining fear of being “no one” — it is very liberating. Great reminder.

    (By the way which Eckhart book has the fire chief being the arsonist – wasn’t it the recent chapter from Power of Now?)

  2. Thought says ‘I need this or that…and without it…I would be unhappy’…Yes, that is suffering…believing that unhappiness is real…while the only reality is happiness…veiled by the belief that I am a limited entity…
    The main cause of unhappiness, is ‘I am this, or that’ limited object…usually body mind.
    I am neither body, nor mind..
    I am consciousness…no limits perceived…Awake, aware, presence.
    The arsonist is thought and feeling that I am limited…
    The fire chief is consciousness.
    The fire is a real illusion.

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