Brightness knows not darkness

“Brightness knows not…darkness…” – Em Be

Sometimes someone’s post on facebook will spark something in you. For example, after reading Em Be’s words above, it somehow hit me very clearly/deeply that ANYTHING that appears to you can ONLY be fully WHAT IT ALREADY IS. So, in Em Be’s example above, Light can ONLY be light. It can never “know” darkness because it can only be what it is. It sounds so obvious now as I write this, but somehow seeing this clearly eluded me for a long time.

Looking back (oh, now I am in trouble! ;), I can now see that there was this tendency active within me to try to immediately change a feeling or perception that ā€œIā€ felt/was perceived as negative or painful.

Again, what “landed” for me after reading Em’s quote, was that whatever I am experiencing in the moment can ONLY be, fully, whatever it is. It was in fact my urge to try and change something “mid-stream” that was causing so much pain and suffering. Let everything be as it is, without needing it to do anything except be fully whatever it already is… as YOU rest in the changeless awareness that you have never not been.

-Michael Jeffreys

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