Your Happiness and The Mind Do Not Have to Be Connected

Once you have made up your mind that come what may, your Happiness is NON- NEGOTIABLE, than WHO cares what the mind thinks?? Seriously. The problem is that as soon as we feel the mind become unhappy or agitated, WE become unhappy/agitated. That would be like a doctor walking into a room, seeing the sick patient, and thinking he should be sick too!… How sick is that!!? 🙂 Only by staying healthy can the Doctor be of any benefit to the sick. Is it possible to let the mind believe its often intense stories of worry, stress, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and lack AND still be happy, peaceful and content? Yes, as soon as resting in the timeless intrinsic peace that is already present within you becomes more important to you than whatever your mind thinks.

-Michael Jeffreys

5 Responses

  1. I think the choice we have is not really to be happy—I won’t be happy if my house burned down—but rather to be in acceptance of life first and foremost and to get out shoulds and ego out of the way. Lamenting that the house should not have burned down compounds the problem and I suppose the unhappiness (suffering is optional). I will never be happy the house burned down, but I can accept that it happened and begin to work with life to do what needs to be done.

  2. Hey Michael, like your simple, beautiful, encouraging posts!

    There is a friend of mine who is very interested in the “choice” to be happy. He has been following how modern psychology is actually studying this: how to be happy (in their terms) and what factors seem to enhance happiness from a scientific view. They are discovering things surprisingly close to what mystics and spiritual folks have always been saying (surprise, surprise!) But anyway, I helped post a collection of his favorite psychology books on the subject. You can find them listed here:

    Enjoy! –Greg

  3. Thank you Michael! Love the Doctor/Patient analogy. 🙂

  4. Re: Whoever made the remark that this was a great site truly needs to get their head looked at.

    • Exactly! Everyone who appreciates the ideas in this site IS looking at his or her head–deeply and insightfully.

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