You Don’t Want to Awaken!

The first step to awakening is to admit that you don’t want to awaken! I am serious. Look, and you may just see that a part of your Being is actively enthralled with the illusion… with wanting to figure it out as well as make the experience nicer, shinier, better. What not so subtle message does this send to your brain about the present moment?

Do you see? Your programming has set up the game so that you cannot allow yourself to be happy in the present moment! The programming is already convinced that THIS moment does not hold what it thinks will make it happy… and so, surprise, surprise… no happiness! Quite ingeniously really, the programming doesn’t care WHAT you think, as ANY thought keeps you from discovering its secret! The search itself is taking you away from your own happiness!! Why do you think you haven’t found it yet? Don’t you think if it were really “out there” you would have found it by now after, say 10, 20, 30 or 50 years? If just 10% of that time were spent looking inward and being still, the matter would have been settled by now.

-Michael Jeffreys

6 Responses

  1. I think this relates also to what you said recently about needing to be ultimately alone on this path/ride. We are so conditioned to believe that others can fill in the void and project our needs on them. Focusing on this moment rather than the future or past takes some commitment but it does yield results. Thanks.

  2. Appreciate the feedback Tom and glad you found the blog helpful. As you are beginning to see, we are up to our eyeballs in conditioning. The key is to drop all your beliefs (however the conditioning itself makes this difficult! i.e., “who would I be if I didn’t know who I was??”) and then rest in a vibration of fearlessness and wholeness, aka Truth (what’s true is that which does not change) and Love.

  3. Since you know so much about awakening, perhaps you can also clear up a few minor points:
    1. Assuming there is such a thing as awakening, what makes you think we are actually supposed to awaken? If we are, then why is it so damn hard and hidden in the esoteric teachings of some so called gurus? Why make it so difficult if this was our birthright all along?

    2. What’s the big deal if we don’t awaken? What’s the worst that can happen? Us humans destroy each other and the planet? Fine with me. We are not that important, remember – it’s our mind playing tricks and telling us we are important. Oh, and the planet can take care of itself – it doesn’t need you. Or if worst comes to worst, the planet also gets destroyed – that’s OK too – the planet is not that important either – nothing is.

  4. Nice and short and true! 🙂

  5. @bf2 – I cannot refrain from giving my view on those two points, even though I know you didn’t ask me :-):

    a) There is no reason to believe we are supposed to awaken.
    b) It is neither hard nor difficult to awaken. Only if you think it is. 🙂
    c) “Why make it so difficult”? Well, maybe your mind likes it to be difficult. In that case you will find a guru that reflects that belief. Otherwise, you will find one that says it is very easy. Which it is.

    2) No big deal if we don’t awaken. 🙂 And true – nothing is that important. Only thoughts can make something “important”.

    Happy new year!

    Or, well, actually there is no such thing as a “year” – or “time” for that matter – mind just made that up. 😉 Being in eternal bliss can be so boring, so mind has to play a little. 🙂

  6. Jesper,
    Thanks for clearing that up. Now I understand that awakening is really easy, which is why everyone is awakened – oh, wait….

    Glad you also agree that awakening is not important. Perhaps you can tell that to the blog author as well – his mind is playing tricks on him you see – convincing him that awakening is important.

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