The Mind has Us All Convinced that WE are the Center of the Universe!?

Observe the mind and you will see that the “I” or “Me” is actually more like an opinion than a reality. It ONLY sees the world in terms of, “How does this effect ME? After all, I am what’s most important in all of reality!” And imagine, WE are ALL doing this, i.e., that little voice is telling ALL of us that WE are the center of the Universe!? This is why understanding HOW the mind works is so important on this path.

Haha, what a character this little “egoic” guy is! Its selfishness is a survival mechanism, but seeing everything in terms of “life or death” is both exhausting and unnecessary. The first step is to get some space between you and the demanding voice in the head.

To stop reacting to it. To stop letting a sound in the head, which YOU did not put there (it’s spewing out society’s thoughts, rules and beliefs that have been programed into you), control you. How? By simply watching it without reacting to it. The more you react to it, the more power you give it. Watch. Look. Listen. This doesn’t take any thinking… just a willingness to simply BE naked, without attaching to anything. Can you do it? Only one way to find out…

-Michael Jeffreys


One Response

  1. You are right – you are not the centre of the universe. Next time you get attacked in the street, don’t defend yourself. Get knifed and then bleed to death. Hope that’s OK – as we have already agreed that you are not the centre of the universe and you don’t really matter that much.

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