The difference between Mind and Consciousness

A key to awakening is being clear on the differences between MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS: Mind tries to work things out using comparison and judgment – Consciousness simply KNOWS (and that knowing is received via intuition). Mind is loud and often confusing – Consciousness is SILENT and CLEAR. Mind is about me and my interests – Consciousness is about the good of ALL BEINGS, NATURE, and the PLANET. Mind sees a divided up, separate world, us against them – Consciousness sees only ONE, WHOLENESS, the TOTALITY. Mind operates from lack and fear. Consciousness operates from ABUNDANCE and LOVE. Mind is an illusion (it only exists to itself!) – Consciousness is ALL that IS and is what YOU are.

–Michael Jeffreys

4 Responses

  1. We were not given wings by our creator – or horns or four legs.

    Perhaps there was a reason for that, which neither you or I know about.

    Perhaps there is also a reason why we were given this kind of ego and mind and why ‘the consciousness is asleep’, and perhaps they don’t need your tinkering.

    If our ego and and mind end up destroying us, that’s ok too. Who are you to argue that it’s not our destiny?

  2. Mind is a luminous, reflective, all pervasive force that drives all life and maybe the universe. Consciousness is awareness effecting life at different levels.I am inclined to see mind,consciousness and spirit in the huge empty space within the atom,possibly 99.9 % of its mass

  3. very great..thank you I totally agree with the summary of your answer.thts wht I wanted to know.

  4. The difference between Mind and Consciousness | michaeljeffreys

    […]All people are blessed with the flexibility to negotiate on the spiritual/psychic level — a psychic is simply someone who has nice-tuned the artwork of perceiving incoming data that is generally ignored.[…]

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