Everything takes place in the mind

I posted this on facebook today:

Where do your dreams take place? Your mind. Where does your awake state take place? Your mind. When you wake up from sleep, where are your dreams then? When you are asleep, where is your awake state then? Thus the concept, “It’s all a dream.” And a dream by its nature is extremely light (both in weight and in material!)

And Martin Juncher commented:  Many thanks for reminding me Michael 🙂

And here was my response:

My pleasure Martin! For some reason this particular post seems, how can I say this… well significant, if I can use that word. Meaning, as soon as this “landed,” I instantly felt lighter and freer. There was a relaxing into the dream rather than trying to control any of it. Sort of like at night when you are sleeping. You aren’t really doing anything but laying there in your bed (and really you can’t even say that, as that is just an assumption) and experiencing the dream as it is appearing to you in your mind’s eye. And your character in the dream does whatever it does. Well, it’s sort of the same thing in the “awake dream”, the only difference being your eyes are open! 🙂

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. The very next day after writing this Blog, I stumbled upon this video that explains what I am writing about: IN DREAMS AWAKE, Stephen LaBerge “Dreaming is perception unconstrained by sensory input. Perception is dreaming constrained by sensory input.” –Stephen LaBerge

4 Responses

  1. “alive knowing” is my home. “Your inside is out and your outside is in” that Beatle phrase is so cool to sing and it says so much about the ubiquitous nature of our true self/home. Where is this “I”? The mind wants to surrender to the real master, but the mind also will test that the real master is ready to take on being the captain. Do I really want to go another round (however long) of getting something good, being right, etc. when being at home “alive knowing”-the real master-is avaiiable. thank you existence. This “I” seems to only exist when the alive knowing isn’t recognized and imbibed in the present moment. For as much as there can be a longing for “anothers” attention in certain situations it is so paradoxical how it vanishes in the light of alive awareness. deeper the awareness goes, more hidden treasures and whoooa everything is so alive. Buddha was asked what changed when he became Enlightened and (as the story goes) he said “the whole existence became enlightened”. That corresponds to my being’s outward reflection Then triggering happens and in an instant- repetitive thinking, “me and you” and “back in the me box”-watch that, love that, An instant came be long enough to teach real freedom.

    • Beautiful Kevin! Everything you wrote resonates over here as well. In fact, my Dec. 9 post is on “alive knowing,” which this sounds like more a reply to than “Everything takes place in the mind,” which it is posted under. And this is pure gold: “For as much as there can be a longing for “anothers” attention in certain situations it is so paradoxical how it vanishes in the light of alive awareness.” I like what you have shared so much I am going to post it on my fb wall. If you are on facebook, please friend me!

  2. When we believe we are a separate entity, the dream is (mistakenly) perceived as (non dream) Reality.
    When we realize that consciousness is not divided, we realize that everything is ‘dream-like’, everything is Consciousness/Reality, undivided and Whole.

    Then, we can say, it is all a dream…except for Consciousness which is Awake (Awakedness).

    When you ask anyone: Hey, are you here?
    The inevitable response is: Yes!

    The mistake is in thinking that the “I that is Present is not Presence itself.”

    • Ok, you guys are on a roll today!… beautiful Magdi:

      “The mistake is in thinking that the ‘I’ that is Present is not Presence itself.”

      I got to share this one on fb as too! Friend me if you can!

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