The Moment you Embrace your Prison You are Free

My friend Ramana posted this on facebook this evening:

‎”Whatever it is, I did it. I judged it. It is my hatred, my anger, my superficiality. A glimmer of sanity has shown me all the negativity I see is my negativity, It’s radical I know, to see that this whole dance is really all one’s own state of mind. All the inhumanity “out there” is really inside, all built around a believed separation and projection that the cause of conflict is external. Also, it is only a construct and none of it has ever really had any power to change or harm what you really are. You are pure innocence and untaintable Love.”

~ Ramana Spencer ओम

And this was the comment I left:

Okay, the reason I LOVE this quote by Ramana Spencer ओम is because he is totally owning the whole enchilada, i.e., the mind’s whole mental projection. No excuses, no bullshit, not blame game, i.e., not the republicans or his parents or genetics or society or even God’s fault. Nope, just full on ownage of it all. Done. The innocence once again sees its own reflection. Now, what’s for dinner? Do you SEE? Once ALL of LIFE is fully embraced, what is left over that can suffer? That’s right, nada. So with the full EMBRACE comes the full FREEDOM, and with the full FREEDOM comes the full LOVE.

~Michael Jeffreys

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