What if you didn’t know yourself as anything?

What if you didn’t know yourself as anything? If it suddenly “hit” you that even believing you’re a “human-being” is a concept… and that therefore the idea of you having a history or of “man-kind” having history or “the world” was a complete mental fabrication. That what you are at center, at your core is nothing but perceiving energy. And even that’s too much. This post will not be understood by the majority due to the dream still feeling real. But somehow it is possible to sense or intuit what I am pointing at.

-Michael Jeffreys

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  1. I so much agree with this defenition of freedom, the challenge now is to remember that. When I do, it’s a gift of the moment. I have been blessed lately with the presence of a new friend that constantly complains, he looks at everything through glasses of discontent, at first it was annoying me, then I started to look at it differently, what is the purpose of this ? What am I to learn ?
    He is providing me with such a great example of what I often fall for, letting my thoughts control my life, forgetting that I am cut up in a dream and feeling events as adversity as opposed to situations to deal with, to grow from. Thank u

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