Remain Naked

My facebook post from today:

“Nothing that you can “know” will change what you already are… So EVERYTHING you think, believe, hold as true or not true, are sure of, etc. is an add-on. You came into the world 100% naked… stay that way. ” –Michael Jeffreys

One of the comments I received was from a gentleman named Jim Minter who asked a good question:

“I came in 100 percent naked and fully present. What the heck happened to being conscious at all times?”

And this was my response:  “Amnesia/the dream/trance/beliefs, societal conditioning/mirage identification/… and it’s all perfectly fine when you see it for what it is. It’s the forgetting our true nature and pretending that we are something we are not… like watching a movie and forgetting it’s a movie. The good news is that no matter how scary a movie may seem, it can never hurt you. Once you realize this, then you can REALLY start to enjoy the show from a whole new perspective that has always been there, but was covered up by the show!”

And for this Blog let me add: Staying naked means not adding anything to what you intrinsically are. So if clothes are what you use to cover your body, then thoughts and beliefs are what you use to cover your essence. And your essence is YOU, stripped completely bare of EVERYTHING. If there is anything you still believe or think you “know,” it just means that for right now, you’d prefer to keep some clothes on. No problem… but also, no Freedom.

-Michael Jeffreys

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