YOU and your EXPERIENCE are Inseparable

You don’t dry your hands on a towel, you have the EXPERIENCE of drying your hands on a towel. Try to notice the difference; it’s very subtle. The towel doesn’t actually exist outside of your experience of it. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s what’s actually happening.  It can be seen ONLY when you pay strict attention to your direct experience (meaning just your 5 senses) and then notice that THAT is all you know, whatever your experience is. You know nothing outside of your experience of it. You = Your Experience.

Right now I am looking at my computer monitor, but I only see color. No computer monitor beyond this experience of it am I aware of. My fingers extend out and come down with some force onto the “keyboard”…  “TAP” “TAP” “TAP.” Sound appears in my awareness as a sort of soundtrack to this movie I am experiencing and is all I know.

So, Color, tapping and the hum of the air conditioner, some tightness in my body–which is all the body that I am presently (since that’s all that I am aware of), and my visual experience of two arms extending out from “me” even though there is no “me” here! This is my current DIRECT experience. What else could I know? I am, you are, our experience! You are not an “I” having an experience, you are simply the naked experience, whatever the experience. So, there is no “you” beyond what you are experiencing. You and your experience are inseparable.

Don’t allow the mind to inject thoughts, memories or feelings into your present moment inquiry (and even if you do, that’s perfectly fine since then THAT will be your current experience, since that’s what is. You see, you can’t get away from this, since no matter what you do or what happens, you are ALWAYS (as in never not) having an experience!).

Simply go by what you actually experience NOW and ONLY what you experience NOW. Is there anything else than this? No, because if there was anything else you would have an experience of it, i.e. you would be aware of it. So all you are is Awareness having one experience after the other. Or, as Rupert Spira said, “You are Experiencing experiencing your Experience.”

-Michael Jeffreys

3 Responses

  1. I think your blog is cool and I love this posting. Thank you Michael for your dedication to enlightening your readers.

  2. Beautiful site, wonderful pointings.
    Once again, thanks for all your doings!

  3. The way it helps me to understand what I believe you are saying, is that we are verbs not nouns — not separate “things” doing and having things happen to them but rather part of a much vaster process all of which forms the tapestry of what appears as a private awareness.

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