Stop Believing Your Thoughts

Awakening can only happen when you stop believing your thoughts. Thoughts are concepts so believing them keeps you stuck in a conceptual world. Once you stop believing the mind’s chatter, something else will become very obvious to you. That something is right here, right now. It has no qualities… it simply is. Call it Life, the Tao, Brahma, I don’t care what word you choose. “This” can never be defined, so your definitions and your labels, no matter how shiny, do you no favors. But know this: “THIS” is YOU, and YOU are IT.

What I have discovered is most of us are very uncomfortable NOT thinking. We say we want peace, but when we actually start to get quiet inside, we panic because it feels so foreign to us! And this is understandable given that we have spent almost our entire existence 20, 30, even 50 years or more, thinking almost our entire waking existence! Letting our thoughts come and go without paying attention to them is not something most of us are very good at. However, as I often say, you can improve at being more present by practicing being more present.

Here are some tips:

1. Know that thoughts arise spontaneously; you have no control over them.
2. Since you have no control over when or how they arise, it also follows that you have no control over their content. Thoughts can be about anything!
3. Even though there is no “quality control” when it comes to thoughts, we mistakenly assume they are valuable. They are not. In fact, they keep you from getting in touch with your Higher Self/Intuition/Universal Consciousness, where real wisdom comes from.
4. Learn to ignore your thoughts. And don’t disagree with, try to change or push away your thoughts. Let them be. Like an unwanted house guest, as soon as you stop paying attention to your thoughts, they will go away (settle down) on their own.
5. Put your attention on the stillness from which thoughts come from. Silently watch your mind and see if you catch the moment a thought appears. The funny thing is, when thoughts know you are watching for them to appear, they get shy and often don’t come!

As Adyashanti says: “What are YOU? You are this moment, minus everything you think.”

7 Responses

  1. Positive thinking?

  2. Positive thinking is just another concept. As Michael says, try to determine what to think next, positive or otherwise. It’s difficult if not impossible. There seems to be a silence beyond thought-that is what he calls presence or Life.

  3. Spot on Tom: “Positive thinking is just another concept.” Trading one thought for another is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  4. Michael Jeffereys, you are the next best thing next to Bentinho. You two are the only people I can actually understand lol

  5. Thank you

  6. I hate thoughts. They are Satan trying to tempt is away from God. Thanks for the post. Today I will ignore the devil.

  7. Mystics have already been very kind to us. They have observed as long as you live you breathe. As long as you live you think too. The co-relation of BREATH & THOUGHT resulted in Vipassana. WATCH ( Just watch ) your breath. Thoughts will automatically be watched. Sooner or later with steady practise one can get to the ” gaps ” between breath and thoughts. Those gaps my friends, are exactly what we all are looking for 🙂 . Love & Peace. Namaste.

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