“Thought-stories come and go like clouds…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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“You are fully present whether a story is running or not…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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No “you,” no problem… new MJ Awakening Blog

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No “you,” no problem. ~Michael Jeffreys

Facebook comment: “No problem, no you, no free will… and what? Great words, but life for me and others is the same: suffering. We want REAL solutions.”

Michael: A REAL solution for who? Until the self has been investigated, it will continue to apparently make all kinds of claims that will be believed… but who is it that is believing them? Can this one actually be found?

If one is not willing to do self-inquiry, then of course the world seems filled with endless problems. But without a “you,” a problem is NOT possible because there is ONLY what IS. And what IS is never a problem… it is simply what IS.

A few minutes later…

Comment: And how to do self-inquiry? What I have to do? I am willing!!

Michael: Great. Become silent and see if you can find this “I” that you take yourself to be. Yes, thoughts are happening.. but to/for whom? Is this “I” that you feel yourself to be an actual entity, or just a mind made narrative that has been believed because it was not deeply investigated.
For example, many children believe that santa claus really exists because they hear, read about him, and see pics of him… BUT, that does not mean he actually exists as a real person. Same for “you” and “I”… just because a thought appears to have preferences… likes and dislikes… doesn’t mean it refers to an actual person. Beyond the thoughts, can you find anything?

Comment: Only thoughts without a thinker? Who would be awakened then…?

Michael: Exactly! “Awakening” is seeing that there is no one actually present to be awakened or unawakened… there is just what IS!

“The miracle is right in front of us. Couldn’t be any closer. It’s ALL that is. Unavoidable…” new MJ Awakening Blog

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Wow. The miracle is right in front of us. Couldn’t be any closer. If it was a poisonous snake you would be dead. And yet, amazingly, somehow thought is so strong that we don’t truly see it… see what? THIS happening, which is ALL there is.

And yet, you are seeing the same thing as I am. What is right here, right now, undeniable, unavoidable, and yet none of it your doing!? Everything is just happening, but we are so used to it that we take it for granted!

It’s so close to us that we go, “ho-hum” because we haven’t given it our undivided attention. Be silent, be aware, and notice THIS event you are presently experiencing, HOWEVER it is appearing. You are not making any of it happen, including your body or the sense of “you.”

-Michael Jeffreys

“Everything is working out all by itself…” new MJ Awakening Blog

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As you see in realtime that everything is unfolding perfectly fine without intentions, you begin to realize that you don’t have to worry about the future – because you now know, you have faith, that everything will be taken care of exactly as it should, when it should, by an intentionless unfolding of the totality.

Faith isn’t something that you can convince yourself to have. It’s something that you have to slowly acquire by seeing in realtime that everything is working out all by itself.

-Göran Backlund

The above is an excerpt from Göran’s latest Blog, “Life: How To Live It” and, imo, gets to the heart of the problem for the “seeker” who understands non-duality backwards and forwards, but is still trying to, at some level, control Life. Since this is not possible (can the wave EVER control the ocean?), we experience suffering.
Once we see that that control is an illusion AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN… then, as we let go more and more, we see IN OUR OWN EXPERIENCE how everything always seems to work out. And, I agree with Göran that it does take time. Why? Because it took “time” to become conditioned to believe the idea that you are the doer, so it naturally follows that it would take some “time” to see that you have never been the doer… And yet, doing spontaneously happens!
Just keep letting go and notice how Life does all…
–Michael Jeffreys

“The idea that there is something wrong with you…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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“When you and the moment are not two…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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Do your thoughts actually make anything happen? new MJ Awakening Blog

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Q: “But don’t you have to think “I will pick up the cup” to pick it up. So thoughts do make things happen.”


A: What is your proof that you hearing the words, “I will pick up the cup” in your head (wherever THAT is!?), is directly responsible (as in being the cause or energy force) for powering the body’s hand to pick up the “cup”? What if that’s just a subtle assumption that falls apart under close examination?

Sound can only ever be sound. So a voice in the head can only ever be a voice. Like a speaker can only ever broadcast information… a speaker has no interest or even knowledge of the electric signals that it is converting into recognizable sounds that we hear as words.

So, to assume the sounds you appear to hear in your head are what is propelling the body around is a gross assumption that should definitely be investigated if one is interested in freedom.

YOU are what is AWARE of the sounds in your head, the sounds coming from a speaker in your car, or the sound of your friend talking to you on skype. And this Awareness is AWARE of everything… but it doesn’t take itself as anything… it doesn’t need to. Because it simply is. It never comes or goes and is everywhere and nowhere. In other words, you can’t get it or contain it.

It’s the search for something “special” or “other then this” that keeps it hidden. Because if you are searching for something, that assumes it’s not right where you already are. After all, if it were right where you already are you wouldn’t need to search for it… ding! ding! ding! Full Stop.

-Michael Jeffreys

“I was wondering if you had any advice on depression and anxiety?” -facebook question

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depressionQ: “Hi Michael, thanks so much for the friendship. I was wondering if you had any advice on depression and anxiety? Should I just feel the depressed and anxious feelings or should I try to do something else to make them better? Many days I wake up feeling depressed and don’t know why. I am wondering what else to do to find peace with this… Thanks”

A: Hi …, Having suffered from chronic depression for most of my life, I know of what you speak.

For me, the only thing that really worked was seeing clearly that there was no “me” that the depression was happening to. Yes, there was the feeling of depression, but when I looked i couldn’t actually find anyone it was happening to. The “me” that was taking it personally was simply a tightly held assumption that had never really been investigated. And this belief was the main cause of suffering, not the actual depression itself which was just impersonal energy that would come and go by itself, i.e., not under my control (because there was no me!).

Once this was seen, I stopped giving depression my attention, and it just sort of went away on its own. Not all at once, for like an unplugged fan it still had a certain momentum. But eventually the light within got brighter and brighter until it was seen that there was something in me that never takes anything personally. And I simply rested as THAT, which has been here all along.

Hope this helps!


“You know your days of seeking are numbered…” new MJ Awakening Pic Quote

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