Your unborn nature has no questions… new MJ Awakening pic quote

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Like the “Elf on the Shelf,” the “me” is a fictional story… new MJ Awakening Blog

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elf on the shelf

The main thing to “get” regarding awakening is that THOUGHTS don’t refer to an actual, findable, entity. Thoughts IMPLY the existence of a separate entity called “me,” but upon direct investigation, this one cannot be found. (The key is you have to actually look for it. Because it’s in the looking and not finding (and being honest enough to admit that you cannot actually find anything, which can be difficult due to a lifetime of conditioning) that the confirmation actually occurs in your own direct experience, which is all that matters.)

However, the believed in stories feel so real to us, that the line between reality and fantasy is often quite blurred. For example, I was at someone’s house and they had an “elf on the shelf.” The mother explained to me that they hide the elf in a new spot in the house every night leading up to Christmas. The story that accompanies the elf (and is told to the kids) is that it flies to the north pole every night and reports to Santa on whether the kids have been good or not.

Now, the fact is Santa is a made up fictional character, as is the elf. However, that does not stop the story from “working” or families from enjoying this game of hide and seek with the doll. My point is that your life is still the same after awakening, it’s just that the fictional character you once took to be real is seen for the myth it is since the “one” it refers to is unfindable, and thus cannot be said to actually exist as a real, separate entity.
And yet, somehow, seeing this clearly does not leave an emptiness or void, but rather a causeless, simple, unexplainable quiet joy and peace, as Life continues to go right on Liffing.

-Michael Jeffreys

Remain STILL. All of you… new MJ Awakening pic quote

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The empty ALPHABET: the magic of letters! new MJ Awakening Blog

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It recently dawned on me that the letters of the alphabet are “re-usable” a seemly unlimited number of times. That we can pull one “out of thin air” seemly anytime we want whether talking, writing or thinking. Thus no letter can ever have any real meaning since they are perfectly interchangeable. For example, I can use the letter “A” in CAR or in HAT and a million more times if I like, and it works perfectly every time! The benefit of seeing this is that you realize that if letters are inherently empty of meaning, then so must words be. And if words are empty of meaning, then so are the mind’s stories.

-Michael Jeffreys

Thoughts refer to an entity called “I” or “me” that cannot actually be found… new MJ Awakening Blog

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Thoughts refer to an entity called “I” or “me” that cannot actually be found in direct experience. Note that a feeling of “me” is just that, a pure feeling—not an actual living breathing entity. Furthermore, what exactly is a “me” anyway? Says Geshe Tashi Tsering: “This sense of identity is nothing more than a label placed on the ever-changing collection of the body and mind.”

Since it’s ever-changing, the “me” cannot be pinned down as a single thing or entity. In other words, when you refer to yourself as “me,” exactly which “me” are you referring to? The one that got out of bed this morning? The one 10 years ago? The one 5 minutes ago?

-Michael Jeffreys

“Sex, Dating & The Expectations Trap” new MJ article for Collective Evolution

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Here is a new article I wrote for Collective Evolution that came out today. -Michael Jeffreys
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You can read the entire article on the Collective Evolution website here:

When we hear “I” in our head, exactly what “I” is this “phantom voice” referring to? new MJ Awakening Blog

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voice in the head

When we hear “I” in our head, exactly what “I” is this “phantom voice” referring to? Which “you” is it claiming it is referring to? The “you” that got up this morning? The “you” from yesterday? The “you” from 10 years ago? Which “I” is the REAL you?? All of them? None of them?

And when you think of other people, which “version” of them are you thinking of? Is the image in your head actually that person? Has it ever been?

-Michael Jeffreys

The Moment, THIS moment, gives no indication of a past moment having ever existed… new MJ Awakening Blog

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grand canyon sunset

Can it be seen that the moment itself, THIS moment, as it is spontaneously and causelessly appearing, gives no indication, no evidence, no proof of a past moment having ever existed!? That ANY reference to a “past” comes 100% from a mind made mental overlay, i.e., a story about a fictional character in time, with a “past” and a “future,” called, “me.”

The key to seeing this, ime, is to look at the moment and LET IT TELL YOU whether or not IT is indicating ANYTHING about a past…

-Michael Jeffreys

“Byron Katie nailed it: when I believe my thoughts I suffer…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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Freedom is seeing that it’s ALL happening perfectly spontaneously… new MJ Awakening Blog

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spontaneous life

Few can see this… the mind will lash out… the ego will rebel… thoughts will give examples that appear to show horrible atrocities as to why it cannot be so…. and yet, I say again… there is nothing BUT perfection.

For example, as I write these words the cries of my next door neighbor’s baby can be heard. How is this not perfect? And if I find that it disturbs me, how is that not perfect? And if I love the sound of hearing life crying, how is that not perfect?

Whatever happens and whatever your response to what is happening, whether you like or don’t like it, whether you agree or disagree, freedom is seeing that it’s all happening perfectly spontaneously. That what is IS… and therein lies its sweet perfection.

-Michael Jeffreys


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