“Does what You ALREADY are take ANY effort…” new MJ Awakening Quote

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“Reality is wordless…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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“Without Your Story, What Are You?” new MJ article for Collective Evolution

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“This moment, just THIS, however it’s appearing, when it’s for no one, is always more than enough. But when it’s for a “someone” we imagine ourselves to be, then it’s never enough, for the energy of seeking is never satisfied.”
–Michael Jeffreys

“The mind” (the reason for the quotation marks is because the mind, if investigated, is ultimately unfindable and thus a concept) has a story about who it thinks “you” are based on everything that has apparently ever happened in your past. I.e., the family your body was born into, where that body grew up, where it went to school, jobs/titles it has held, friends it has had, traumas it has appeared to suffer, how it’s been wounded and needs to heal, etc. (Btw, note that all stories exist in the mental realm only, as the body itself has no story!)

And these stories, when believed, are very convincing! However, is this the absolute TRUTH of your being? In other words, is “your story” what you actually, as in literally, are? And if so, which story are you prepared to go “all-in” on and claim is the real you? I’ve looked, and I can’t find one. Can you? Really look.

Actually taking the time to really look for yourself is what sets the direct path teachings apart from every other philosophy/spiritual path. It’s allowing your own direct experience to have the final say, rather than what a book, video, friend, family member, or guru tells you. It’s a knowing that is not second hand or mediated, but unmediated, direct, and obvious.


my story


What if there is just THIS? (THIS being whatever is presently happening). That despite the mind’s never ending attempts to label and define everything—including you!, Life is completely and utterly unknowable, and thus defies all attempts to label it!

How do you define or accurately label something that is never static, but always in a state of flux, forever changing? It’s like trying to define a raging river… as soon as you say, “I’ve got it figured out; it’s this way!” it’s no longer the case as it’s already moving on to becoming something else.

The mind’s nature is to seek, but never actually find. Which is why the story of “as soon as I get all my ducks in a row,” i.e., as soon as I have enough health, money, love, friendship, security, etc, then I will be happy is a fantasy. Because it is coming from the assumption that happiness is not located here and now, but somewhere in the future. But the thing about the future is that it only exits as a linguistic concept, and not as an actuality.

Can you actually find, as in touch, the future? No, because as Eckhart Tolle reminds us, all you have ever experienced is NOW. And the thing about the NOW is that it’s not located anywhere, because it’s ALL that IS. And because it is ALL that IS, it doesn’t require any story.

you have never had a story

You can read the rest of the article on the Collective Evolution website by clicking the link below.  -Michael


“That person’s not being very spiritual…” new MJ Awakening Blog

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“That person’s not being very spiritual…” Have you ever had that thought? I know I have. More importantly, have you ever believed it?

In this moment, can you feel the arrogance behind the thought? The judgment? And what if we drop the thought? What if we “come clean” and admit we don’t have a clue how others are supposed to act (or even ourselves!). Just let go of having to know anything or figure out what is supposed to happen next… just for a moment.

What if Life doesn’t need your opinion of it?

–Michael Jeffreys

“Oz Exposed” new MJ Awakening Blog

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Does the seeking voice in the head actually have ANY verifiable substance behind it? Other than the compulsion to seek, is there anything more to it than that?

–Michael Jeffreys

There is no escaping the moment, which is why surrendering to what IS gives PEACE

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Trying to “get rid of” a sense of “me” is not only not possible, it’s not necessary (yes, the rare “triple negative” sentence!). When there is the simple acceptance of what IS (and it’s not a doing, but more a relaxing into what is already so), then if a sense of “me” is presently arising, then that is what IS.

No need to get rid of it or try to change it… simply seeing it as another spontaneous arising in the moment is sufficient. Simply BE with whatever is presently happening, which leaves nothing out!

Once it is seen that escape from NOW is impossible, that leaves only what IS… and nothing more is ever needed simply because nothing more can be except what is! Except, of course, if something feels like it is needed, then that too is what’s happening.

There is simply no escape from what is happening. When this is welcomed sans resistance, the peace that is always present can be effortlessly experienced by no one.

–Michael Jeffreys

“When you try to escape the now, you are trying to escape yourself” new MJ Awakening Blog

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Trying to escape the NOW, what is, is not possible. How can you escape from all that is? Where would you go? How would you get there? And who is this one that is trying to escape the now? Would not that “sense of you” that is trying to escape also be part of what’s presently arising? And if that “sense of you” is not separate from now, then escape is impossible and any attempts must naturally lead to suffering.

And what, exactly, is it you are trying to escape from? What is the now? Can you define it? Control it? No and no, for the reason that now isn’t an object, it’s not a thing that can actually be found or picked up or even touched. It’s simply all that is ever happening. You are the now… not a part of the now, but all of it. So when you try to escape the now, you are trying to escape yourself.

-Michael Jeffreys

One of the “keys” to awakening is… new MJ Awakening Blog

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One of the “keys” to awakening is seeing the inherent meaninglessness of everything. This is NOT being pessimistic or anything of the kind. Rather, it’s simply the nature of everything. For example, because a pine tree is void of meaning, some people like them, some may dislike them and some don’t care one way or the other about them. Same tree, 3 different “meanings.” If the meaning were actually true, for example, if pine trees were inherently the greatest trees on earth, then everyone would feel that way. But they don’t. It’s whatever you think about them… that becomes your experience.

In a way, you could say that everything is a mirror. It reflects back exactly what you think of it. And mirrors themselves are empty, which is why they are free to reflect back whatever is put in front of them. Without “YOU” present to give the object meaning, it simply has none.

How to see this? One way is to watch the labels your mind mentally and habitually slaps on everything and then ask yourself if this is absolutely true? Yes, it may be relatively true, for example, that I like coconut ice cream, but what does that “mean”? Nothing! As lesson one in ACIM says, “Nothing I see… means anything.”

Again, seeing this is not negative or anything of the sort… it’s seeing things as they truly are… and that is the first step toward real freedom.

-Michael Jeffreys

“If you weren’t trying to get something for a ‘separate self’…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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What if you stop looking to your mind to give you peace, which it itself does not possess?

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The illusion is that if you can just manipulate your outer world to match the picture in your head of what you think you want, you will be happy. However, If we dig a little deeper, the first thing we may notice is that these pictures are constantly changing! Do you want the exact same thing now as you did 5 years ago?… 5 months ago?….. 5 mins ago?

It seems as if the mind is a confused… doesn’t seem to really know what will make it happy, so it just endlessly seeks new stuff. And do you notice that the mind is never satisfied? I mean, when was the last time you got what you wanted, and the mind said, “Okay, cool, goal achieved. I’m good. Mission accomplished. Happiness achieved.. no need to want anything else. Cya!” How about never!! The mind’s desires are endless, endless, endless. Which can only mean it hasn’t itself any peace, or why would it be searching so dang hard?? Which brings us to my point:

What if you stop looking to your mind to give you peace, which it itself does not possess?

-Michael Jeffreys


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