“Byron Katie nailed it: when I believe my thoughts I suffer…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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Freedom is seeing that it’s ALL happening perfectly spontaneously… new MJ Awakening Blog

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spontaneous life

Few can see this… the mind will lash out… the ego will rebel… thoughts will give examples that appear to show horrible atrocities as to why it cannot be so…. and yet, I say again… there is nothing BUT perfection.

For example, as I write these words the cries of my next door neighbor’s baby can be heard. How is this not perfect? And if I find that it disturbs me, how is that not perfect? And if I love the sound of hearing life crying, how is that not perfect?

Whatever happens and whatever your response to what is happening, whether you like or don’t like it, whether you agree or disagree, freedom is seeing that it’s all happening perfectly spontaneously. That what is IS… and therein lies its sweet perfection.

-Michael Jeffreys

As Nisargadatta said, “You are nothing conceivable or perceivable”… new MJ Awakening Blog

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who am i

You are as much your body, your thoughts, or your feelings as you are a car, an apartment, or a pen!

When we say, “my car” or “my apartment” or “my pen,” we don’t mistake ourselves for the object. “My” is a possessive pronoun that indicates possession of an object. Something is claiming to have or possess something else. Yet, when it comes to “my body” or “my thoughts,” (due to conditioning, un-investigated assumptions and beliefs), we mistake (mis-take) our “body” and/or our “thoughts” as NOT another object/appearance that we seem to have, but rather who/what we literally are!? But this makes no sense, as the body ages, but do YOU? Thoughts come and go, but do YOU?

Again, if you say “my body,” your very words are indicating that it is NOT you, but rather something you seem to possess. You have a body, but it is not literally you. You have thoughts, but they are not literally you. This needs to be investigated deeply for oneself in order to see through the persistent, but ultimately illusory feeling/idea that you are your body/mind. (And the same thing applies to feelings and ideas, as in “my feeling” or “my idea.” Feelings and ideas are never you, but something you seem to temporarily have or possess.) Whatever the mind claims is “you” will ALWAYS be an object or appearance to YOU… including “the mind” itself.

As Nisargadatta said, “You are nothing conceivable or perceivable.”

-Michael Jeffreys

“Awakening is not the gaining of anything…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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Sound (like everything else) is made out of Awareness… new MJ Awakening Blog

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The idea that we “hear sound” is an illusion. In your direct experience, you NEVER “hear” sound. For example, if you “hear a train whistle,” that implies that there was the whistling sound that your sense of hearing “picked up” or “was able to perceive” as the train went by. However, until you actually were aware of the train whistle, where was it? Was it “off stage” somewhere, unavailable until you got close enough to hear it? No. Why? Because there is no “off stage”! To believe that sound exists prior to your awareness of it is an assumption!

So, we are not hearing sounds that are “out there” somewhere, “off stage,” waiting to be heard. Rather, sound = hearing, hearing = sound. They are not two. Sound IS hearing, hearing IS sound. There is no “you” who hears sound. The awareness of sound would be all there is to sound. (And even sound itself is ultimately unfindable, and thus a concept! For instance, when there is awareness of a train whistle, I find nothing in it called “sound.”)

-Michael Jeffreys

“How is your experience when you don’t take ownership of…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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Are you ANYTHING you can perceive? new MJ Awakening pic quote

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You don’t have a life, you ARE Life… new MJ Awakening Blog

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baby in flowers

All is happening spontaneously… Life does all, including any sense of a “you” that may be appearing. That too is part of your present experience. You don’t have a life, you ARE Life. Life is whatever is presently happening, and there is no “you” doing it.

The thought of “you” is another appearance among all the others. The idea that you are the doer is just that, an idea. What is presently happening as well as your reaction to what is happening is simply Life, expressing itself. Even the mind saying, “yes, but it feels like there’s a me,” that too is Life Lifing. A causeless, spontaneous, mysterious apparent happening… for no one.

-Michael Jeffreys

“The ONE happening for no one…” new MJ Awakening Blog

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The moment includes ALL that is presently happening, including any thoughts (beliefs, judgments, ideas, conclusions, inspirations, concerns, etc.), feelings (anger, happiness, sadness, depression, joy, fear, confusion, loneliness, giving up, going for it, etc.), energies, sensations, etc. ALL leaves nothing out.

And there is no “you” doing any of it, as whatever “you” is presently appearing is not separate from the undivided WHOLENESS that is presently happening. There is just whatever is happening, which leaves nothing out. Just THIS. The ONE happening for no one.

-Michael Jeffreys

“Thought-stories come and go like clouds…” new MJ Awakening pic quote

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